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Terms & Conditions


1. All Computer System, Software, Consumable items (Blank media, Liquids, etc.), and Headset sales are Final: We have

a NO MONEY BACK POLICY WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. Please check the website for the latest policy updates.

2. No invoice, No return, or exchange (Warranty is void on items that have been previously exchanged.)

3. You can receive a full refund within 15 days only, on returnable products. All CPU warranties have a 30-day limited war-

ranty that is guaranteed only from the original purchase date, no exchanges allowed.

4. We charge a 15% restocking fee if the product is returned within 16-30 days of the original purchase date.

5. No returns will be accepted after 30 days NO EXCEPTIONS. Only same as exchange up to 90 days.

6. We reserve THE RIGHT OF REFUSAL in regard to any merchandise that is DAMAGED, MISSING, OR INCOM-

PLEASE, for example, includes all products that are not in the original boxes with the original packaging, any

missing disks, registration cards, cords, or instructions that came with the purchase.

7. The following circumstances are NOT COVERED UNDER THE RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY:

     a. Physical abuse or neglect of anything you have purchased from us.

     b. No warranty tag on the product or products.

     c. Product or products that only need to be cleaned.

     d. When we investigate the product and find that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

     e. Any items not purchased from Infotech Systems.

     f. We are not responsible for lost data that occurs in the process of repair or upgrade

     g. Serial numbers must match the product and packaging.

     h. Infotech Systems doesn't take any responsibility for product damage that isn't installed by our service technicians.

8. If the parts are discontinued from Infotech, we only honor your parts based on the value stated on the original receipt.

SYSTEMS WARRANTY (1 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor)

1. There is a 1 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor Warranty for Hardware only.

     a. The warranty policy is void if any of the following hardware was provided by the customer: PSU, RAM, CPU, MB. Main OS HDD.

     b. The warranty policy is void if the warranty tag is missing or defective.

Payment Methods
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